Will Paul, Ringo ever ‘Get Back?’

13 July 2024, 4:07 pm

The Beatles’ experience in Manila in July 1966 was nightmarish so that it’s unlikely the Fab Four survivors Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would ever consider coming back to perform here again. If The ...... Read More »

“One of my heroes”: Ringo Starr on his favourite singer

13 July 2024, 6:30 am

In a past interview, Ringo Starr revealed the singer who has been one of his "heroes" since he began drumming in skiffle bands in the 1950s.... Read More »

Beatles legend Ringo Starr’s country music album was inspired by another music icon

9 July 2024, 9:30 pm

Ringo Starr has a country album in the works after a moment he heard "one of the most beautiful country songs" ever. He told Fox News Digital about it as he celebrated turning 84.... Read More »

3 Times the Beatles Paid Tribute to One Another

8 July 2024, 9:50 am

So much gratitude, in fact, that they've paid homage to their bandmates on many occasions. Revisit three tributes made by one Beatle for another, below.... Read More »

Ringo Starr’s 84th birthday celebrated by Paul McCartney and late Beatles’ estates

8 July 2024, 2:55 am

Sir Ringo Starr has turned 84 so Sir Paul McCartney and the estates of late Beatles stars John Lennon and George Harrison have lovingly paid tribute to the drummer on social media.... Read More »

Delaware festival lands historic Beatles drummer. How to get tickets on sale

2 July 2024, 11:17 pm

Surprise, it's not Ringo Starr. The answer is literally Pete Best, the man who first gave The Beatles their beat ... which hosted bands like The Quarrymen (which included George Harrison, John Lennon ...... Read More »

Paul and Ringo reunited for Harrison tribute

27 June 2024, 1:00 pm

The two remaining Beatles have reunited on stage for a spectacular and moving musical tribute to George Harrison. Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were last night joined by Harrison's son Dhani ...... Read More »

John, Paul, Ringo and George are coming to Hattiesburg. No, not The Beatles. What to know

26 June 2024, 11:04 pm

As a side note, the four chargers are being named after the four Beatles: John, Paul, Ringo and George, and there will be recorded music on hand by the Beatles and other classic rock artists at ...... Read More »

John, Paul, Ringo and George are coming to Hattiesburg. No, not The Beatles. What to know

26 June 2024, 1:01 pm

Electric vehicle enthusiasts from throughout south Mississippi will gather Sunday, June 30, at Hattiesburg’s Mahogany Bar and Crescent City Grill to celebrate the installation of four new on ...... Read More »

The Beatles biopics cast leak: The four stars including two Oscar nominees 'unveiled'

6 June 2024, 4:29 am

Back in February, The Beatles announced that James Bond director Sir Sam Mendes will helm four separate biopics of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Each scripted movie ...... Read More »

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